Setting ROAS bid using Google Adwords API

Jan. 27, 2020

In Google Adwords campaigns, you can set Target ROAS by percentage, which will be used by Adwords algorithm as an average conversion value. That means that some conversions are way too low, which might not be what you want. The algorithm may swerve way lower than your actual target settings, specially when you still don't have enough historical data.

To fix this problem, you may want to manually set the bid floor and bid ceiling. Unfortunately though, Google does not provide a way to do this from the web interface.

This is where the Adwords API will be useful. To set the values, use a campaign operand (in Python) like this:

'operand': {
    'id': campaign_id,
    'biddingStrategyConfiguration': {
        'biddingScheme': {
            'xsi_type': 'TargetRoasBiddingScheme',
            'bidCeiling': {'microAmount': ceiling},
            'bidFloor': {'microAmount': floor},